The Pen is Mightier Than the Pickup Truck

by Frank Roche on March 28, 2013

in Careers

My buddy, John, sent me a note that said, “File this one under I’d hire this guy and it doesn’t even matter for what.”

The “what” is this guy:

Penn State Student Gets a Truck With Just the Power of the Pen
Need a new ride? Forget about heading down to the dealership and trading in your old car. Instead, take a page out of Joseph Marcus’ book and trade a $1.25 pen for a 4×4 pickup truck.

You want to hire great people? Make the same assessment John made…hire people with pluck. Someone who has the drive and determination to really torque an idea. Get a person who can trade up a pen for a pickup truck and you have something.

Pen to Pickup
penn state pen to pickup

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