The Bliss Point in HR Communications

by Frank Roche on March 4, 2013

in Communication

Think about your favorite meal for a second.

Close your eyes and imagine the scents, the texture, the setting.

Think about the taste of that first bite.

Sit back, breathe deeply, and savor.

Now think about the tenth bite.

Not as great as that first bite, right?

And if it’s pizza, think about how disgusted you are about that last piece.

In the food business, the moment when you’ve had just the right amount is called sensory-specific satiety.

You’ve had enough, but not too much.

Sensory-specific satiety is also known as The Bliss Point.

The Bliss Point applies in HR communications, too.

Give employees a bite they can remember,

But don’t overwhelm their senses with more and more and more until they’re stuffed.

Think of the words and design you use as presentation in a meal.

You could serve it on paper plates; or you could use Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica porcelain.

The elements have to be in sync.

And they can’t confuse.

When you hit The Bliss Point in HR Communications you’ll know.

Your employees will remember it. Savor it.

All the rest is junk food.

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