Poor Kitteh

by Frank Roche on February 28, 2013

in Cats, Wellness

benny broken

Benny is broken.

And he doesn’t like it one bit.

Ever tried to keep a circus cat down?

Doesn’t work.

Especially one who ripped muscles from the bone by tearing around the house.


Even after his leg was just flopping and dragging

He still ran around like nothing was wrong being a 3-legged cat.

Now he’s got a huge cast.

The vet told us to keep him in a cage for four weeks.

Benny crawled the walls, caterwauling.

We put him in the office and closed the heavy glass doors.

He went all raccoon on us and yanked them open at 2:14 this morning.

So now he’s hobbling around the house and we don’t know exactly what to do.

Coop him up?

Let him go?

It’s a Little Kitteh Wellness Conundrum.

We face four weeks to see if this works.

And the the very real chance of surgery.

None of it covered by my family medical insurance.

Even though Benny’s a member of our family.

I’d be a fan of the Affordable Veterinary Care Act.


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