If Your Social Media Consultants Tout Klout, Throw Them Out

by Frank Roche on May 2, 2012

in Social Media

[Image source: The Oatmeal]

The article How To Get More Likes on Facebook tells a powerful story. Oh, did I say powerful? I meant pathetic.

If you spend any time on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll see lots of people seeking validation. You know, the kind of validation that can only come from people you barely know and don’t care about. The kind of validation you didn’t get in high school. The kind of validation that says, “You like me, you really like me!”

And the most pathetic of the pathetic these days is Klout. That service bills itself as The Standard for Influence. Wow.

You see, by having your friends give you K+ for your magnificence, that really makes you influential.


You know what I say? If you worry about your Klout score, you don’t have any clout. And if your social media consultants tout Klout, throw them out.

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