A Preview of Upcoming KnowHR Articles

by Frank Roche on April 1, 2012

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At the beginning of every month I like to put together the topics I’ll write about. I spend countless hours researching them. And then I struggle over each and every word. Mostly, I care about what other HR bloggers think about my writing.

With that in mind, here’s a list of upcoming KnowHR articles.

  1. Embracing the Performance Review as Management Gold
  2. How to Become an HR Guru in 30 Days
  3. My Life at HR Conferences
  4. HR Morning Zoo: A Zany Radio Show
  5. Why Miserable Managers Are Great for Business
  6. More Twitter Followers Means You’re Special
  7. Do the Right Thing (Unless It Affects Your Chance to Get a Big Bonus)
  8. Put a Ring On It: Our New Employee Engagement Jewelry Collection
  9. Recruiters Aren’t the Used Car Salesmen of HR
  10. What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Raise
  11. How to Succeed in HR Without Really Trying
  12. 10 Ways to Arrange the Best Darned Company Picnic Yet
  13. The Best Little Snorehouse in Texas: Notes from the Napping Underground
  14. How to Do What You Want, No Matter What Your Boss Tells You to Do
  15. Why Tpos Dont Mater On Ur Resumee
  16. Spying on Employees for Fun and Profit
  17. How to Hire Employees Who Look Like the Stock Photos in Your Brochures
  18. Slap and Tickle: Your Guide to Holiday Party Etiquette
  19. How To Say “People Are Our Most Important Asset” and Look Like You Mean It
  20. 10 Ways to Rock Comic Sans in Your Graphic Design
  21. 1,001 HR Policies You Can’t Live Without
  22. Theory X: The Most Underrated Management Approach Yet
  23. How to Underpay Employees and Get Them to Love It

Bonus coverage: I’ll cover and review all “Social Media and HR” presentations throughout the month. (That might be another 100 articles…but I’ll go for it.)

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