The Lottery

by Frank Roche on March 29, 2012

in Careers, Creativity

I bought a lottery ticket this morning.

5 a.m. at Wawa.

Put $10 in a huge lottery machine.

Wanted to pick my numbers

But it was too complicated.

Asked me all kinds of questions about multipliers

And chances.

I hit the BACK button a bunch of times.

And went with RANDOM.

One of my MegaMillions numbers was 23

So that made me happy. (That, and the $500 million jackpot.)

Just like employees who get a Career Lottery ticket.

They have a chance to win big.

And don’t really want to know

that they have a 1-in-176 million chance of winning.

It’s the chance — the possibilities — that matter.

And all things considered

The Career Lottery is better than The Lottery.

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