Yearn to Learn

by Frank Roche on March 19, 2012

in KnowHR

I try to learn something new every day.

I’ve done that my whole life.

This past weekend I learned where I rank in the crossword world.

I competed in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

It was a collection of brainiacs.

Competitive brainiacs, no less.

I met the software engineer (and CEO) who created the world’s first program to solve crossword puzzles.

And another guy who learned dressage at 55; and became a renowned harpsichordist at 65.

And an 89-year-old woman who put the “kids” to shame with her solving abilities.

There were cabaret musicians.

Doctors. Lawyers. Crossword constructors and construction workers.

Singers. Playwrights. Hipsters.

Cruciverbalists, all.

I learned a lot.

That’s something that every conference organizer should want a person to say.

If not, it’s just a party. And say that.

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