The Care and Feeding of Cats and Dogs

by Frank Roche on March 14, 2012

in KnowHR

As I get ready for bed, they stalk me.

The cat and the dog.

Purring. Tail wagging. Anticipating.

You see, I’m the King of the Nighttime Tummy Rubs.

Now, tummy rubs for cats and dogs are distinctly different.

Cats can’t get their tummies rubbed enough

While dogs love a good back scratching, then they’re happy.

I often fade off to sleep

With the cat yowling in my face for more

And the dog sleeping at my feet.

Funny thing is

At work, we hire both kinds.

And you’re responsible for the care and feeding of cats and dogs.

How you handle that as a manager makes all the difference.

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