You Can’t Tie Just One Shoe: An HR Lesson

by Frank Roche on March 9, 2012

in KnowHR

As I was walking

Snickers the Wonder Dog

This morning.

I noticed my right shoelace

Was untied.

And my shoe was floppy.

Slipping on my heal.

So I stopped.

Tied it snugly.

And put a spring in my step.


Not 23 steps later

My left shoelace felt funny.

Not completely untied.

But loose.

Then I stopped

Reached down

And tied my left shoe.

Almost stood up

Then thought better of it.

And re-tied my right shoe.

Hopped up

And thought about how HR systems are like that.

How you can’t tie just one shoe

Without the other shoe feeling a little weird.

It’s a shoe system.

Like a pay for performance system.

Or a benefits system.

Or a learning and development system.

Or a talent management system.

If something comes untied in any of them

You have to re-tie


It’s a system.

You can’t tie just one shoe.

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