HR Strategy and Occam’s Razor

by Frank Roche on March 7, 2012

in Strategy

Name me a complicated idea that’s ever worked in HR.

Know what’s worked? Simple, straighforward ideas.

Ideas like making managers better, listening, and caring about employees.

That’s why the new eBook Brutal Simplicity of Thought by Saatchi & Saatchi just knocks me out. It’s about simple solutions to big problems. And the really cool thing is that the book is essentially crowd-sourced. You can write your own simple solution in the book.

And although I don’t ask very often for feedback…I’m interested: What do you think is a simple solution in HR that’s worked great? I have a couple in mind that I might add to the eBook, but what do you like?

[HT to my buddy, Jay Shepherd, author of the simple, clean, and bestselling Firing At Will.]

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