It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me

by Frank Roche on February 24, 2012

in Business

Wearing an eyepatch doesn’t automatically make you a pirate. It’s blasting the optometrist’s office with a cannon that does it. George Hrab

There have always been pretenders out there. People who lay claim to expertise. Who put on a pirate’s eyepatch and claim they’re pirates.


You know who I trust in HR? Not the people who learned to be HR pirates on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Not the ones who spend a lot of time squawking from the crow’s nest. I trust people who have flown the Jolly Roger of HR creativity. Those who have been on the open seas.

Sure, anyone can have a big idea. But when they’re wearing a Halloween costume while calling themselves real pirates: Avast! Hide your doubloons.

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