LinkedIn Lists a Lot of People Who Worked in “Makerting”

by Frank Roche on February 13, 2012

in Social Media

Remember back in the old days? By that, I mean just five years ago? Back when Twitter’s ratio of real people to spam robots was at least 5-to-1? Back when every request you got came from someone you knew a bit? Then the worm turned?

Same garbage now on LinkedIn. What’s supposed to be the leading social media site for business professionals is becoming the leading social media site for people who want to scam your info. (Search for “makerting” yourself. You’ll get lots of results.)

In the last few days alone I’ve gotten multiple requests to connect with hot “makerting” girls. You know the type — the MySpace pout picture. The impossibly great resume. And they make “tings.” They’re all in “makerting.”

You can’t blindly connect to everyone on LinkedIn. It’s getting spammy out there. Before you send all your professional data, including your phone number and private email address, to a stranger, you have to “tink.”

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