Getting Rear Ended

by Frank Roche on October 12, 2011

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That’s a picture of my car in the train station. I always park in Space 25. Always. Like for 10 years.

I like my own spot. All by myself.

I’ve suffered my share of door dings. And scrapes. But this one took the prize for the most clueless parking of all time. This guy rammed his car into mine (I have the blue car in the picture) and left it there. Got on the train and went somewhere. (I can think of a place I’d like him to go.)

It was really wedged in there. Fortunately, my bumper popped out when I pulled forward.

Then I wrote a note and left it on his windshield:

“Learn to park. And thanks for being so clueless.”

It’s funny…I can be a hardass. But I pay attention. And I don’t do damage to a person’s things (or their business) without noticing. Without caring. Especially these ones that can end up costing $2,000.

Today, I’m sick of the clueless. I’m sick of people who claim they have a syndrome for this and an excuse for that.

Man up. And know when you take something from me, I pay attention.

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