HR and the Bad Stock Photo of the Week

by Frank Roche on October 7, 2011

in Bad Stock Photo

Here’s a new category for HR and the Bad Stock Photo of the Week: Diversity By Photoshop.


A crowded conference room is filled with HR policy wonks. The room is clean. Cheerless.

Several HR types are sipping coffee from Starbucks paper cups. We HEAR one person fiercely TAP-TAP-TAPPING on the keyboard of her laptop. Two others are WHISPERING.

(sotto voce)
Can you believe it? She took her sixteeenth sick day this year…

(mouse quiet)
I once had this employee who wanted me to believe he had three uncles’ funerals in one year…

We SEE a flurry of activity. Chris, an HR Business Partner, has entered the room. She sets her 32-ounce water bottle on the conference table with a THUD.

Let’s get started. Where’s the agenda?

The main topic is the  photo we took to show our diversity.

(Amy flips on an LCD projector and shows an image on her PowerPoint slide.)

What? What kind of picture is this? This won’t do.

We thought this picture showed us as we are. These are people who work here.

You “thought’? You “thought”? I said I wanted diversity.  And I don’t care how you get it. Get more diversity in the picture. Meeting ended. And don’t forget, performance reviews are this week.



Take a hard look at that photograph. At least half the people have been Photoshopped in. (Telltale signs include a white halo around the image and significant differences in head sizes. Look at the head size of the guy with the baby compared to the woman in the back left with the red skirt. Either he’s a pinhead, or someone’s been Photoshopped in.)

The result of this “creative” conference? Diversity By Photoshop.

Check out Frog Lady in the front right. She’s ready to pounce. And just like a frog, she only has four fingers on her right hand. And her left hand has been turned into some kind of kiddie garden rake.

And nothing says HR like the Head Propped on Elbow woman in the front left. Because we all like to lie down on the floor in front of our colleagues. (Okay, we’ll make exceptions for the holiday party.)

Hey guy squatting in the front. 1968 called. Sonny Bono wants his vest back.


This is still fun, and I have lots more images coming in. But I want to up the ante. Let’s start talking about HR sites that do it right. If you know an HR site that does good with photography, let me know. And if you have bad stock photography….well, keep those coming. They make me chuckle. You can send me a note by clicking here.

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