Every Time Your Vendor Uses Comic Sans a Puppy Dies

by Frank Roche on September 28, 2011

in Communication, Humor

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Note to Benefits people: If your supplier gives you a document with their logo on it and says you can’t change it without three layers of approval, tell them to go away.

If they give you that same document and it’s filled with Comic Sans, them them to not let the door hit them on the keister on the way out.

(No kidding…one of our clients had this happen today…some huge provider told them they can’t change a word. And provided the source document in Comic Sans. Want to know what signals the Zombie Apocalypse? Using Comic Sans in 2011.)

There’s only one person who can defend Comic Sans. And that’s Comic Sans. Read this…but know it’s bigtime NSFW.

And if you’d like to kill Comic Sans like I want to, here’s a first-person shooter game for you.

When Good People Pick Bad Fonts

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