Hire People Who Come to Work with Broken Legs

by Frank Roche on September 20, 2011

in Creativity, Engagagement

I went to see my favorite singer-songwriter last night. Rock Votolato was fabulous as always. He and Matt Pond PA were five days into a months’ long U.S. tour. Matt broke his leg five days into the tour.

They played on. Broken leg and all.

I want to work with people like Matt Pond. He really did damage to his leg. But a whole group of people were counting on him. Shows were booked. No play, no pay. He played.

When you hire people, you want to hire people who are with you. Who you can count on. Over the years, I’ve worked with people who would call in sick for a hangnail. Or the sniffles. I want to work with the kind who break their leg and come in. Not because I asked, but because they cared that much.

Want a definition of employee engagement? How about this: Came into work the day he broke his leg.

When you have people like that working for you, throw out the compensation guidelines. You can’t pay them enough. But try.

Rocky Votolato Playing With Matt Pond PA — And Matt’s Broken Leg

Matt Pond PA Getting the Hipsters Moving
Side note: Why don’t you use music in your communications?

(click here to see the video if it doesn’t show up in your reader)

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