HR and the Bad Stock Photo of the Week

by Frank Roche on September 16, 2011

in Bad Stock Photo

Hey, if you get an MBA in HR, your destiny is clear: You’ll become an HR Pinwheel.

And if you’re a nice woman in a lemon-yellow cardigan, you’ll wonder how you ended up in a socially awkward circle with five tie-wearing HR dudes…and a kid from the local middle school.

While you’re standing there doing your best as a newly minted HR Pinwheel, your mind will wander. You’ll think about your childhood. About those carefree days when you held a pinwheel out your mom’s minivan window. You’ll think about how the pinwheel spins the colors of the rainbow into white when it spins fast enough. (Which is what must have happened with your colleagues in this picture.)

And you’ll know that this won’t be the last time you’ll be in a staged picture. (Let’s say we don’t talk about those pictures that you deleted on Facebook. You know…when your mom called and said said she was horrified that her daughter was drinking Jell-O shots and dancing on a table in Cabo San Lucas during Spring Break?) You’ll end up in the company picnic picture. And the company teamwork picture where you’re stacked at the top of a shaky pyramid of colleagues dressed in khakis and sensible shoes.

You’re the HR Pinwheel. Just remember not to spin around too fast.


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