HR and the Bad Stock Photo of the Week

by Frank Roche on August 19, 2011

in Bad Stock Photo, Communication, Design, Humor

When we last left our little HR friends, they were in a tightly framed shot with a mystery arm wrapped around a guy. Mystery solved.

Thanks to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management we’ve come full circle. Or at least our HR stock photo friends have.

Because nothing says “Advantages for HR Specialists” like a creepy dream sequence from Rosemary’s Baby, with HR people standing in for Ruth Gordon and Beelzebub. “Wooooo! Look at us! We’re your 7th Circle of HR Hell!”

And worse than the Dark Lord? Nose hairs. When, pray tell, is it okay to aim your camera up the schnoz? Let alone use it to promote HR? How’s the 12th of Never sound? That’s when.


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