HR and the Bad Stock Photo of the Week

by Frank Roche on August 12, 2011

in Bad Stock Photo, Communication

This week’s HR and the Bad Stock Photo of the Week winner comes from Papa Bear himself — SHRM. It’s for their Member Get a Member campaign. I’d call it the Member Get a Clue campaign.

You have to question the question mark. The empty chair. And the empty suits.

There must have been a special that week on taupe suits at the Discount Suit Emporium. But I’m sure they paid retail for the middle-aged guy.

And nothing says get-a-member like a guy in a blue suit bending his knees toward a chair like he’s standing at a urinal. Or a woman in a pointy-collared shirt and a man’s suit. Or shiny, happy people throwing HR gang signs.

Is that what HR people look like? Do you have all the right ratios? If not, forget the stock photo.


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