Is Mini Skirt Monday Part of the Dress Code?

by Frank Roche on August 8, 2011

in Policies

I guess this boss didn’t get the memo from HR announcing that there would no longer be Mini Skirt Monday. Or, like, ever.

What are some people thinking? Not much, apparently. From an article in the Salt lake Tribune:

A Utah County woman has sued her former employer, claiming she was sexually harassed at work, where she at one point received a suggestive Monday-through-Friday “schedule” outlining what she should wear.

The schedule given to 44-year-old Trudy Nycole Anderson included “Mini-skirt Monday,” “Tube-top Tuesday,” “Wet T-shirt Wednesday,” “No bra Thursday” and “Bikini top Friday,” according to a civil complaint filed this week in U.S. District Court against Derek Wright, the owner of Pleasant Grove-based Lone Peak Controls and D& L Electric Control Company.

Anderson worked as an office manager starting in September 2007, and Wright was her supervisor.

Zoiks. Here’s an HR policy for you: If you wear pants and act like an idiot to the women who work for you…you’re fired. Not a little fired. No “here’s a suggestion that you should stop it” reprimand. You’re fired. Fired. Fired. Fired.

How’s that for simple?

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