HR and the Bad Stock Photo of the Week

by Frank Roche on August 5, 2011

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Middle-aged guy sporting a Magnum P.I. mustache and swelled up too much to button his jacket? No worries.

Went in to get a modern haircut at SuperCuts and ended up with a flipity-do? Not a problem.

Wrinkling your nose and pointing at yourself like you can’t believe you’re in this picture? Da nana.

Guy in a blue shirt with a creepy disembodied arm wrapped around your shoulder? Easy, peasy.

Hey, this is The Land of HR and the Bad Stock Photo of the Week. This week’s edition was sent in by Robin Schooling, author of HR Schoolhouse and super cool HR pro, who said, “Here is the (apparently) SHRM-sanctioned bad-HR-stock photo. This is the one that comes automatically with the SHRM-hosted website that can be used by chapters and state councils.”

Seriously, look here, here and here. Notice any similarities? Shiny, happy HR people. Sure, we’re happy in HR, but not all huggy, smiley happy. (Unless it involves birthday cake…or enforcing that bereavement policy we wrote in 1997.) Here’s the word for the day, folks: Authentic. If you think your photo looks cheesy, it does. Don’t use it.


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