Good HR People Are Adaptable

by Frank Roche on July 22, 2011

in KnowHR

Those are the tomato plants on our deck. Or, as Sheryl and I call them, expensive bird feeders.

We were getting some great yields from our set of heirloom tomato plants this year. We planted them on the deck to keep the deer and squirrels from eating the fruit. We didn’t count on the birds. Or the hottest July on record.

It’s parched out there. It’s going to be 103 degrees F today. Real temperature. And it’s the middle of summer, so there’s not much for the birds to eat. Except for our luscious tomatoes. Our sweet, succulent, vine-ripened tomatoes.

At first, the birds just pecked the first few. Now they’ve invited all their friends. The eat the ripe tomatoes from the bottom, so there’s just a little bell of tomato skin left. It must be a good meal on a hot day.

I ran outside like a crazy overstuffed scarecrow the first few times I saw birds on the plants. But they came right back. Undaunted.

Sheryl said, “Oh well. Those tomato baskets we put up are perfect perches for them. Too late now.”

And that’s an HR lesson.

You can have all the policies in the world. You can run around and scare people away. But if the tomatoes are tasty and it’s midsummer, no policy will keep the birds away.

Good HR people are adaptable. Sometimes it’s okay for tomato plants to become bird feeders.

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