How to Not Get Hired By Me: The Gigantic Car Edition

by Frank Roche on July 21, 2011

in Business, Recruiting

Look at that car. No kidding, it’s called an Avalanche. What an ironic name considering the idiots who drive cars like this won’t see any more snow in 20 years. I’d personally like to drive to Detroit and ninja kick those SUV engineers in the throat. Then I’d come back on public transportation and kick the owner of this car in the knee.

If you’re too stupid to pay attention to Planet Earth. If you’re too stupid to buy a car that won’t fit in a parking spot. If you drive a car that weighs more than 6,000 lbs, you’re not going to get hired by me. You’re too clueless.

I hear the oil companies are hiring.

They won’t mind at all if you park like this.

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