You Ain’t High Potential if They Don’t Take a Risk on You

by Frank Roche on June 1, 2011

in Management

Today’s guest author is Eric VanDerSluis. When Eric isn’t wrestling a 3 year old or changing stinky diapers, he’s involved in driving sustainable change for a Fortune 100 company.


You ain’t high potential if they don’t take a risk on you

Put your 9-box grid away, get rid of your confusing definitions and simplify it to this…are you willing to take a risk on your employee? If so, stretch them and see if they succeed (need an example check out how GE managed Immelt).

If you only talk about it, they ain’t high potential. Don’t blow smoke just to keep them engaged; your people are smarter than that. And if you won’t even tell your employees where they stand and what you’re going to do about it, why waste your time with the process?

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