Working Together. Really Together.

by Frank Roche on May 4, 2011

in Business, Management

We did a little HR experiment. You might call it the “Opposite of It-Doesn’t-Matter-What-You-Do-Or-Where-You-Are-As-Long-As-You-Get-Your-Work-Done.” We worked together at our shop for 24 straight hours. That’s a picture of a bunch of us at dawn the next day.

We wouldn’t have been able to phone in our results. We had to be there.

We did a ton. People stepped up. Did things that they normally didn’t do in their day jobs. Collaborated. Did rapid deployment.

We worked in our own rhythm. But it was fast. We developed a product in 24 hours. Coding. Marketing. Rollout plan.

Think we could have done that by having all of us work from home?

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