When You Give Your Superstars a Treat, Does Everyone Expect a Treat?

by Frank Roche on January 10, 2011

in Motivation, Pay

I take Snickers the Wonder Dog for a walk every morning. She earned her name. I’ve walked her for eight years without a leash. And not once has she run off. She walks by my side. She waits when I tell her to. She sits when I command it. She can lie down, stay and shake hands when we ask. Every time. She’s Snickers the Wonder Dog.

Part of our morning ritual is giving Snickers a treat for being The Wonder Dog. She loves, loves, loves it. Check out the video below where I talk to Snickers in my “puppy” voice. She gets her treat and then runs around the house celebrating. (I love people — and animals — who appreciate things.) Snickers is a superstar. She does everything I ask…and then some.

Benny, our cat, doesn’t go for a walk. But when Snickers comes back from her walk and gets a treat, Benny expects one. He’s vocal about it.

Which made me me wonder: When you give your superstars a treat, does everyone expect a treat? What do you do about that?

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