Dear HR Manager at the PHA: Belly Dancers Don’t Count for Diversity Training

by Frank Roche on December 6, 2010

in Culture, Diversity

[Photo credit: GreenWithEvil]

Check out this gem from the Philadlephia Inquirer’s Mark Fazlollah:

With the federal government cutting housing subsidies in 2006, Philadelphia Housing Authority managers spared no expense to take “diversity awareness to a new level.”

How else to explain the karaoke singers, salsa dance instructor, Swiss Alps yodelers, and belly dancers who were mingling with PHA middle managers at the Wilson Park Community Center?

The cost: about $17,150, including $1,200 for the belly dancers.

The evening’s finale began when four exotically clad belly dancers pulled members of the audience into their show. PHA’s then-executive director, Carl R. Greene, was surrounded by the women, one leaning against him, another with an arm around him.

Um, where in the hell was HR?

Here’s some advice if you’re in HR: You’re not management shills. You have an obligation to do the right thing all the time. And that sure as hell doesn’t include making up some stupid lie about belly dancers being part of a celebration of diversity awareness.

HR’s job is to speak truth to power. Those hips don’t lie.

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