Note to Gen Y: You Don’t Get a Trophy for Showing Up

by Frank Roche on November 14, 2010

in Business

I was at a high school soccer game last night. The student fans from our team stand for the entire game — and they chant. A lot. They try to make it like big league soccer. Some of the chants are for our team, and some of the chants tweak the other team. (Hey, it’s good, Philadelphia tradition. They don’t boo Santa Claus, though.)

At one point our student body started to ride the other team’s goalie. Enter: The Helicopter Parent.

“Stop that. Stop that or else!” said a mother from the other team. “You stop that.”

She enlisted other parents. And they yelled at the kids.


How much more helicopter parenting can there be? I’m not talking about abusing kids. I’m not talking about foul language. I’m talking about cheering and jeering at high school sports. And Helicopter Parents don’t like it. One bit. Maybe we should golf clap for their little darlings just for participating.

Um, no.

You don’t get a trophy for showing up. When those kids go to work, mommy and daddy won’t be there to tell the Big Bad Manager that their little boy only gets As. That he is all about self esteem. The he needs at least 10 pats on the head each day.

Work is about results. And you don’t get ahead by thinking it’s okay to just participate. This video by Jason Calacanis tells the story in pointed detail. (There are two swear words, so it’s marginally NSFW.)

[Hat tip to Vinnie at Insignificant Thoughts for bringing this one to my attention.]

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