Interview Question of the Day: Do You Speed in Your Neighborhood?

by Frank Roche on October 12, 2010

in Interviewing

[Photocredit: Bekah Stargazing]

Every once in a while an interview question or two pops in my mind. Some of them are in bounds, and a few are on the ragged edge.

Here’s one that I thought of today: Do you speed in your own neighborhood?

My neighbors do. The speed limit is 25 mph on my street. My neighbors zoom by me when I’m walking Snickers the Wonder Dog in the morning. Engines revved. Going 50 mph. Driving recklessly. They don’t stop at stop signs.

I like to understand people when I interview them. How they handle risk. What they consider important.

I think lives are important. I don’t speed in my neighborhood (or anyone else’s, either). Is that in bounds to ask?

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