Clicky McClickenheimer

by Frank Roche on October 4, 2010

in Culture, KnowHR

Check out Clicky McClickenheimer. She was on my train the other day, attacking the keys on her computer like a pile driver. I was worried for her press-on French manicure. (Not really.)

Snap. Smack. Click.

Clicky’s clicking was clacking in my ears. And no matter how much I turned up the volume on my iPod, I couldn’t drown out the constant click-click-click of clickarrhea.

What’s up with that? Any of you who take public transportation have seen Clicky and her brother, Clacky. They attack their keyboards like they’re writing the unifying theory to cure cancer, solve world peace and explain why Pluto is no longer a planet. The whole shebang. All before they get off the train.

I don’t know, but I don’t really trust that the work that the Clicky McClickenheimers of the world do is all that good. Really, is anything that desperate? Or is it that they have a desperate need to look busy? To bang out memos on their clicky keyboards? To show people that they’re working?

You know that work/life balance thing? If you report to Clicky McClickenheimer it’ll never work. You need to leave. And if Clicky McClickenheimer reports to you, don’t encourage that behavior. It’s not good for business. And all that clicking bugs me.

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