AOL Buys TechCrunch and Paul Carr Writes Some Really Funny Stuff About the First All Hands Meeting

by Frank Roche on October 2, 2010

in Communication

This is a cautionary tale for those of you in the M&A business. Sometimes when you buy companies you also buy some very creative people. Like when AOL bought TechCrunch. They got TechCrunch’s best writer, Paul Carr, along with the deal. Paul documents the “Welcome to AOL” meeting in one of the funniest reads I’ve had this year. If nothing else, you have to check out the “you’re the mega to our byte” welcome packet. Here’s Paul’s opening salvo:

Like most serious writers, I’ve always dreamed of working for AOL. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Heather and Mike took to the stage during Disrupt, alongside AOL Chairman Tim Armstrong, to announce that TechCrunch has been acquired by the 90s chat-room giant.

Um, you HR communicators out there: Don’t get cute when you do your employee communications. The Paul Carrs of the world work at more places than TechCrunch.

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