The Zen of HR: 10 Koans

by Frank Roche on September 21, 2010

in Creativity

I puzzle about HR when I’m mowing the grass. When I’m taking a shower. When I’m walking the dog. During quiet times.

Here are my 10 HR Koans. What are yours?

  1. HR is about business, but it can’t be about money.
  2. Hire right; fire right.
  3. If the grass is always greener, why can’t you smoke it?
  4. What’s the sound of one hand backslapping?
  5. Glass ceiling. Place at the table. Are we HR or interior designers?
  6. Expect or expect not. You can always get what want.
  7. Is HR the rock…or the stream?
  8. If Zappos ceased to exist, would HR conferences disappear?
  9. Can management be a science if it’s unverifiable?
  10. The best HR is not to think about HR.

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