Sometimes Great HR Means Letting Go and Unleashing Creativity

by Frank Roche on September 17, 2010

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“Let’s make a graffiti wall.”

We moved furniture around at IFRACTAL yesterday. Three new Fractals will be joining our clan on Monday and we needed to create some space. When we moved a set of cabinets, we exposed a rough wall. Stephanie had an idea.

“We could get spray paint at the art store,” she said.

“We could just put a piece of cloth over it,” I said. (Yep, boring compared to doing a graffiti wall.)

We paused for a second. Steph had a great idea. We just needed to unleash it.

And she did. Here’s a picture of when she returned from the art store.

The top picture is of our first pass at having a graffiti wall in our shop. We have lots of cans of spray paint. Last evening, a bunch of us stayed and got started. And we want everyone to make their mark. One cool thing about graffiti is that it’s always morphing. What we have now will be completely different next week. We want everyone who visits us to tag our graffiti wall.

Sometimes getting it right in HR means letting go. We have a lot of creatives here. Steph led the charge yesterday. It’s generated a lot of smiles around here.

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