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Do You Put on a Mask for Work?

Do You Put on a Mask for Work?

by Frank Roche on October 29, 2009

in Communication, Creativity, Culture, Humor, KnowHR

officemask [Photo credit: al_6]

In honor of Halloweeen Week on KnowHR, we decided to see how many of you show up at work in costume. But we’re not talking about Halloween costumes—we’re talking about masking your personality in the workplace every day.

We polled Philadelphia employees and learned that forty percent of you adopt a more professional front at work. Sixty percent said you don’t change your personality. And one person even said he wears a surgical mask to prevent H1N1.

Here’s what some of you had to say about this question.

No, I act the same at work and at home.

“I don’t want to hide who I am. It makes my relationships with my coworkers easier because nothing is hidden.”
-Amara, systems analyst

“I think it shows that you’re genuine and being true to yourself.”
-Sam, assistant store manager

“You gotta be yourself, no matter what situation you’re in—it’s gotta be pretty tough to change your personality.”
-Bill, construction manager

Yes, I put on a different mask at work.

“I bite my tongue at work because if I told people what I truly felt, I’d be fired.”
-Chris, accountant

“I just pretend to work better, to be more concentrated so my boss won’t be angry at me and to make him happier.”
-Elena, bookkeeper

“I try to be myself, but you can’t entirely because it’s a work atmosphere, not a playtime.”
-Kathy, clothing sales processer

In our opinion, it’s a little spooky to wear a mask at work other than on Halloween (I know I’m dressing up!) but what do you think? And do you think your coworkers tend to put up more of a front at work than they admit? Let us know what you think so we’ll be able to figure out who will REALLY show up to work in costume tomorrow.

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