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You Should Encourage Your Employees to Drive Drunk

You Should Encourage Your Employees to Drive Drunk

by Frank Roche on July 30, 2009

in Alert, Policies

carcrash[Photo credit: Huggs2]

Before you let your sales rep get in a car and drive for a couple of hours, don’t waste the opportunity to get him wasted. That’s right, give him a few drinks before he gets behind the wheel. Pump his blood alcohol level up to .08.

What, that doesn’t sound right? Neither does sending that same sales rep out on the road and expecting him to have a hands-free business meeting while he’s driving. The odds of him getting in an accident are the same as if he were drunk.

Four Times as Likely to Be in an Accident When Distracted by Cell Phone Use
Drivers who are distracted by phone calls are four times as likely to be in an accident as a non-distracted driver, according to a recent study by the National Highway Transportation Association. And if a person is texting, he or she can travel the length of five football fields before looking up. Truckers who text are 23 times more likely to be in an accident than those who don’t. And it was reported that the engineer was texting on the train in Los Angeles in October 2008 that rammed into a freight train, killing 25 and injuring 135 people. We have the power in HR to change how employees use cell phones while driving.

HR Against Distracted Driving (HRADD)
You can toss all your other policies. Want to write one that will really matter? One that will save lives? How about this: No employees of your company should talk on the phone while they’re driving. Period. Write a policy that makes it everyone’s job to be safe. Don’t schedule meetings with people while they’re zipping down the road.

I know this sounds a little nuts, like the toothpaste is already out of the tube, but I’m old enough to remember when it wasn’t even a bit shocking to think that it wasn’t okay to drink and drive. People used to brag about it. “Man, I was so lit last night, I don’t know how I drove home.” That seems unimaginable in 2009, doesn’t it? Can you imagine that some day we’ll be saying the same about being distracted while driving? Maybe.

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