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KnowHR Readers Respond

KnowHR Readers Respond

by Frank Roche on August 16, 2007

in KnowHR

We conducted a little survey over the last couple of weeks to get feedback on who reads KnowHR Blog and what we can do to make it better. We got 366 responses, which is pretty good sampling. Thanks to everyone who completed the survey.

We learned a few things. I’ll get to the demographic information in a bit. What’s important is what we provide and what we can do better. Here’s what you said:

Three Immediate Actions

  1. Provide more international perspectives. I’m all over this one. KnowHR Blog is U.S.-centric because that’s where I’m situated. But I think I heard something about how The World is Flat and the global economy. Yes, indeed.

    Action: I chatted briefly with an excellent HR writer in the UK, and I’m going to follow up to see if we can get him to be a regular contributor. But I’d also like to open KnowHR Blog up to an even wider audience. If you’re outside the U.S. and would like to write an article a month (or once a week), then drop me a line or leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch with you. Bonus points if you’re in Antarctica and like to write about HR.

  2. Advice to non-HR on how to improve HR in their organization. You’re right, when I close my eyes and write (ah, the benefits of touch typing), I imagine that I’m talking to HR professionals. But a lot of “HR” happens where the works gets done. When HR really works, it makes the business run better. I’m going to bring in more ideas about front line uses of HR practices and write from that perspective.

    Action: Leave my eyes open when I type and write more for non-HR types.

  3. Provide a place to enter questions anonymously. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? I encourage dialog, and I really appreciate the people who comment here. But, yeah, having a place to enter questions makes sense.

    Action: I’ll create an anonymous question form by this weekend and hide it in plain view.

Those are three super quick responses. You also want to see more about learning and development. The intersection of HR and technology. Internal communication tips. Maybe a podcast. And one of my favorites, “Explain the thinking behind the buffoons at the office.”

Okay, Who Reads KnowHR Blog?
Q1. Sex
Female: 35%
Male: 65%

Q2. Age
18-24: 7.6%
25-34: 34.9%
35-50: 39.4%
50+: 18.2%

Q3. Are You in Human Resources?
Yes: 28.1%
No: 71.9%

Q4. If You’re in HR, What Job Do You Do?
Management: 61.5%
Compensation: 15.4%
Benefits: 15.4%
Recruiting: 0%
Field HR: 15.4%
Administration: 15.4%
HRIS: 23.1%

Q5. If You’re Not in HR, What Do You Do?
Consultant: 33.3%
Educator: 16.7%
Executive: 11.1%
Middle Manager: 11.1%
Writer: 11.1%
Other: 30.6% (teacher, communicator, Executive Director, engineer, R&D, legal secretary, etc.)

Q6. What’s Important to You on KnowHR Blog? (scale of 1-4, 4 being very important)
HR Analysis: 3.2
HR Trends: 3.17
Breaking HR News: 2.69
HR Technology: 2.85
Learning and Development: 3.23
HR Skills: 2.95

Analysis: More analysis, trends, and L&D. Breaking HR news? Leave that to someone else.

Q7. What Else Could We Do To Make KnowHR Blog More Valuable to You?
That’s where the Top 3 list originated. Here’s a sampling of a block of original answers:

You could do more original interviews with HR leaders. That would be very interesting.
as is
Keep it up!
more resource for trainees in the field of HR
More learning & Development – Great Site!
Good blog – transparent about who writes it, with contact info – huzzah, I say
1) non-US issues (guest writers?) and HR issues in different countries 2) advice to non-hr how to improve HR in their org (possible?) 3) allow more space to write answers;-)
A podcast
Stay contagious
explain the thinking behind the buffoons at the office.
Don’t know
A place to enter questions anonymously.
I am forever interested in how technology interacts with sects beyond what i do .. so HR technology or the technology emplyed by HR is always interesting. I also love your insight into what makes a good, healthy work environment as that is key to keeping your employees happy.
A little bit more about HR education
Links to subject matter experts or readings
Keep up the humor and conversational style!
Not sure and it took about 25 seconds
all modules in HR and HRO
Love it!
To get more information about the border of Web 2.0 and personel development
Talk about HR Careers
Share innovative ideas for internal communications – what’s new; what’s hot; what’s working?
teach hr folks more about technology
more info on performance management
More international perspectives
Nothing I can think of. Writing style is refreshingly good.
More videos to be attached.

Okay, thanks again for taking the time for completing the survey. And thanks for reading KnowHR Blog. It’s been fun, and now it’s going to be even better. KnowHR Blog. New! Improved! Shinier!

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